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We support communities' health by providing access, education and resources to sustainable health, promoting healthier lives and stronger communities.

We are fully aware of Africa’s struggles with providing effective health care to all citizens, in an effort to improve the overall quality of life across the continent. Our initiative, the SMART-VILLAGE HEALTH project, aims to address some of the challenges that communities face when it comes to accessing health care, such as limited access to medical facilities, preventive care solutions, qualified professionals and medication. By partnering with local stakeholders, regional partners and international groups, we are advising, planning and helping to assemble practical and accessible facilities in communities where these amenities are needed.

Additionally, we recognize the challenge of ensuring that communities have access to quality health services and medication. Even when facilities are within reach, citizens may struggle to receive the appropriate level of care due to challenges such as underfunded facilities, undertrained healthcare providers, and low-quality or counterfeit medications. To address this, our initiative does involve training health workers, sensitizing communities on good health practices, and equipping facilities with good quality remedies and medications for community consumption.

Moreover, communities must be able to afford both the services and the therapies or medication necessary to improve their overall wellbeing. To address this, we are leveraging strategic partnerships and collaborations to drive affordability of these amenities to benefit the communities. By focusing on the community’s best interests, we are looking to increase community productivity due to an overall improvement in health. Our goal is to achieve real change by creating practical and sustainable solutions that prioritize the health and wellbeing of African communities.

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