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PATHWAYS TO HOPE AFRICA Embarks on New Initiatives.

Pathways to Hope Africa partnered with Minnetonka High School VANTAGE Team to come up with creative video media that aimed to tell the organization's stories of community work.

Pathways to Hope Africa is a charity organization founded in 2008 to reach out to struggling and marginalized communities across the continent. Our vision for Africa is to inspire innovation and creativity as tools used to achieve sustainable community development by tackling food insecurity, poor healthcare, and education inadequacies across the region.

Pathways to Hope Africa's mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty that has plagued many African communities for far too long. Through various community development programs that leverage strategically designed approaches in all our community initiatives, we hope to exploit cultural transformation as a catalyst to achieve sustainable development across the continent.

These past few years have taught us a lot and ushered in considerable growth in our field of work, the changing landscapes, and emerging complex challenges with new possible avenues and solutions to exploit. We have had to constantly reevaluate, review and restructure our projects, programs, and efforts in various communities this journey has led us through.

We started as a small community charity organization working with individuals and partnering with small communities in 6 districts across Uganda and 2 in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have had the privilege of working with local and international partners and stakeholders over the years that have been too generous in giving and joining us in our work in the communities. Many continue to join us and come on board every passing year, something we are grateful for and honored to be part of.

In these few years, we have supported women in communities struggling with gender violence and helped design programs that address the challenge of sex trafficking in these communities. We have engaged community stakeholders in projects such as poultry farming start-ups and agriculture enterprise skills training to address the common challenge of adverse poverty, which is at the root of other challenges communities face across Africa, among many other endeavors.

As we have continued to grow as an organization, we have taken a deliberate initiative to immerse ourselves into the communities, try to listen to their stories and aspirations, understand their beliefs and cultures, and sympathize with their challenges, for only then are we able to work together with them to craft solutions that compliment the life they have known and led for years.

It's through such efforts that we can draw upon community-centered strategies such as the SMART-VILLAGE approach, where we look to partner with communities in programs, projects, and initiatives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Reachable, ultimately leading to Transformable Communities or villages. We are committed to designing community development frameworks that draw from these strategic approaches. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, visit the respective pages to find out more, and visit our Get Involved page to join us.


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