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University Of California Davis Research Program.

The recently concluded research trip to Eastern Uganda organized by Pathways To Hope Africa a Charity NGO in partnership with the University of California Davis research team.

Pathways to Hope Africa, in partnership with the University of California Davis, recently concluded a week-long trip to communities in Eastern Uganda in a collaborative effort to find solutions for lowering the cost of poultry farming and a commitment to tackling chronic poverty by empowering rural communities to be productive. The main focus of this trip was to research ways of producing low-cost poultry feed by utilizing raw materials and organic waste from within the communities. This research project was made possible by a grant awarded to UC Davis earmarked to enhance Animal Science and promote Poultry farming enterprise.

Pathways to Hope Africa's vision for community development through Agriculture and the University of California Davis commitment to community impactful research make this partnership a perfect fit given the work both are doing in communities across the continent.

The partnership intends to leverage its expertise to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the cost of poultry farming across the region by identifying low-cost and high-quality feed for poultry farmers in Uganda. This project also aims to provide better access to training and technical support for rural farmers, fields where Pathways to Hope Africa has already made enormous progress.

The just concluded research trip aimed at exploiting organic waste as a raw material in feed production for poultry farming and promoting sustainable agriculture practices in Uganda. Organic waste use in poultry feed production offers an avenue to lower the cost of poultry farming and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities in the region.

During the trip, a team from Pathways to Hope Africa worked with local poultry farmers and UC Davis researchers to identify effective raw materials for making low-cost poultry feed. They canvased various local waste facilities and sources to run tests in search of compatibility of the waste materials for poultry feed production. After rigorous scientific studies, the team began their plans to develop practical solutions that will meet the needs of rural farmers and will continue their research to come up with more sustainable and low-cost solutions to the challenge of poultry feed.

This partnership between Pathways to Hope Africa and UC Davis has the potential to revolutionize the rural poultry farming landscape in Uganda, uplift the farmers, and boost the economy through job creation. Plans are underway to carry out a few more research trips to the region in the coming months. Both camps are optimistic that these research trips will create opportunities for growth and prosperity for rural poultry farmers shortly.

In retrospect, the partnership between Pathways to Hope Africa and UC Davis demonstrates the importance of partnerships that bring together expertise and resources to tackle the socioeconomic challenges faced by rural communities. This partnership will not be limited to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to poultry farmers in Uganda but also promote sustainable agricultural practices in the region. This project is vital to ensuring rural communities have access to the tools and resources they need to become productive participants in the agriculture sector and minimize chronic poverty in the region.


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